Taking requests

Here are some MCR headers (leftoverss). Use them for whatever you want, really. The two big ones have a gray border on right, left and top. They were made for my journal but I decided not to use them, so. I'm sharing them with you instead. :] Modify all you want to.

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I'm taking requests. Not for icons this time, but for headers/user infos/friends only-signs. Just comment with 1-3 pictures that are of somewhat good quality, tell me if you want any text on it and yea. :]


I'm looking for a couple of moderators for good_mcricons, a community I created yesterday. You can read about it in the community userinfo.

Basically your job as a mod will be to accept/reject people and the usual stuff (no drama and that shit). It'd be great if you made somewhat good icons (seeing as this is an elite community) and is online quite often.

Uhm, reply here if you're interested. :)

Edit I've decided and the new moderators are billiesexmuffin and mourning.
Sorry, but go and apply for posting access, aye? :D